From religious art to the art of jewellery making, a finely chiselled story… Holemans is synonymous with elegance and classicism, its style developing from generation to generation, balancing respect for tradition with a desire to innovate.

Henri Holemans,
great religious artist and goldsmith

1922The Atelier Holemans is founded by Henri Holemans. His religious works can still be admired at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Brussels.

1928Henri Holemans learns the art of using natural lacquers on metal from a Japanese Master, a trade secret passed down from father to son.

Jean Holemans,
the creative jeweller

1960Jean Holemans takes over the family workshop and refocuses on the more irreverent allure of jewellery. An inspired artist, he himself designs each piece of jewellery and creates the Holemans style.

1981Jean Holemans creates the legendary Antelope Solitaire ring and introduces use of lacquers on precious metals, a first in Belgium.

Thierry Holemans
the bold strategist

1990Thierry Holemans takes up the jewellery torch and creates themed collections.

1998Holemans Jewellers opens a store in Place Vendôme, Paris.

Moïse Mann
the passionate craftsman

2013Thierry Holemans entrusts the running of the family business to Moïse Mann who knows the Maison well having worked there for nearly 20 years.

2014A cherished emblem of Belgian jewellery-making for almost a century, Holemans rewrites its history in a new setting, the Place du Grand Sablon.